List of Frogs and Toads

Twenty eight species of Frogs and Toads have been recorded from the Okavango Delta region.

COMMON PLATANNA Xenopus laevis petersii, Common platanna (edge of Delta)

TROPICAL PLATANNA Xenopus muelleri, Tropical platanna (Delta proper)

GUTTURAL TOAD Bufo gutturalis, Guttural toad (widespread)

OLIVE TOAD Bufo garmani, (Eastern) Olive toad (widespread)

FLAT-BACKED TOAD Bufo maculatus, Flat-backed toad (NE Delta)

LEMAIR'S TOAD Bufo lemairii, Lemair's toad (Panhandle and NE Delta)

BULLFROG Pyxicephalus a. adspersus, Bullfrog (Delta fringe)

LESSER BULLFROG Pyxicephalus a. edulis, Lesser bullfrog (Xugana)

TREMOLO SAND FROG Tomopterna cryptotis, Tremolo sand frog (SE Delta)

KNOCKING SAND FROG Tomopterna krugerensis, Knocking sand frog (Toteng and SE Delta)

SPOT-BILLIED GRASS FROG Ptychadena subpunctata,

SHARP-NOSED GRASS FROG Ptychadena oxyrhynchus, Sharp-nosed grass frog (E Delta)

PLAIN GRASS FROG Ptychadena anchietae, Plain grass frog (Xakanaxa and E Delta)

MASCARENE GRASS FROG Ptychadena m. mascareniensis, Mascarene grass frog (widespread)

DWARF GRASS FROG Ptychadena taenioscelis, Dwarf grass frog (NE Delta)

GUIBE'S GRASS FROG Ptychadena guibei, Guibe's grass frog (Gumare)

BROAD BANDED GRASS FROG Ptychadena mossambica, Broad banded grass frog (Maun)

SNORING PUDDLE FROG Phrynobatrachus natalensis, Snoring puddle frog (NE Delta)

DWARF PUDDLE FROG Phrynobatrachus mababiensis, Dwarf puddle frog (Xaxaba, Xugana)

SMALL PUDDLE FROG Phrynobatrachus parvulus, Small puddle frog (Khwai River)

MOTTLED SHOVEL-NOSED FROG Hemisus m. marmoratum, Mottled shovel-nosed frog (NE Delta)

GUINEA SHOVEL-NOSED FROG Hemisus guineensis microps, Guinea shovel-nosed frog (Central-N Delta)

BANDED RUBBER FROG Phrynomerus b. bifasciatus, Banded rubber frog (widespread)

BUSHVELD RAIN FROG Breviceps adspersus, Bushveld rain frog (S and W Delta fringe)

BUBBLING KASSINA Kassina senegalensis, Bubbling kassina (S and NE Delta)

LONG REED FROG Hyperolius nasutus, Long reed frog (Central and NE Delta)

BENGUELLA REED FROG Hyperolius benguellensis Benguella reed frog (Xo Flats-Piajio)

PAINTED REED FROG Hyperolius marmoratus angolensis, Painted reed frog (widespread)